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    ADL and 16.12.1




      after i have installed the new Crimson Relive (16.12.1) driver, the function ADL2_Overdrive6_State_Reset returns -8 (Function not supported by the driver.).

      With the previous driver there wasn't a problem with this function.

      Maybe there some more functions with this problem but until now i have only tested this one.


      Is that a bug of the new driver or how can i use this function with the new driver??

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          now i have tested several functions of the AMD Display Library (v.10.0) with the new Crimson Relive driver (v.16.12.2).


          The following function returns ADL_OK_WARNING (All OK, but with warning.):



          The following function returns ADL_ERR (Generic Error. Most likely one or more of the Escape calls to the driver failed!):



          The following functions returns ADL_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED (Function not supported by the driver.):

          ADL2_Overdrive6_CurrentStatus_Get, ADL2_Overdrive6_Temperature_Get, ADL2_Overdrive6_FanSpeed_Set, ADL2_Overdrive6_FanSpeed_Reset, ADL2_Overdrive6_State_Reset


          The following functions returns ADL_OK (ADL function completed successfully.):

          ADL2_Main_Control_Create, ADL2_Main_Control_Destroy, ADL2_Adapter_NumberOfAdapters_Get, ADL2_Adapter_AdapterInfo_Get, ADL2_Adapter_Active_Get, ADL2_Overdrive5_ODParameters_Get, ADL2_Overdrive5_ODPerformanceLevels_Get



          I think this is a bug by the new Crimson Relive driver (v.16.12.1 and v.16.12.2) because with the Crimson driver (16.11.2) and older all functions of the AMD Display Library (v.10.0) have returned ADL_OK (ADL function completed successfully.).

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            we have introduced new overdrive(wattman) for Hawaii ASICs(R9 290/390). As part of this, we have introduced new set of APIs. pl check SDK for new ADL APIs which are started with ADL2_OverdriveN_XXX_YYY