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force install driver for "wrong" device

Question asked by madruga99 on Dec 12, 2016

So, I have a Radeon 8850m.

I don't know if its in connection, resistors or some other issues, but the system always detect the adapter has Firepro W9000 (Device ID 6780), while my radeon device id should be something like 6820.


So it never install the correct driver. When I try to install 8850m driver, it just doesn't install, because the system looks for firepro driver, but I also cannot install Firepro drivers because it causes errors, it's just not the correct hardware.


I was wondering if was there any way to bypass it and install Radeon 8850m driver has if it was a Firepro driver.

Is there any way to change some Hex code or Inf file on radeon 8850m drivers to do such thing?