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Drivers issue, no hope...

Question asked by annoyeduser12 on Dec 12, 2016
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Updated, regretted, i have Radeon (tm) Hd 7670M driver, which since i have updated, caused me tremindious pain, lowered my fps, removed my switchable graphics options that i used to see, and my CCC doesn't show any options anymore, i used to have 3dsettings and stuff, now its disappeared, i would like to revert to my older driver, which was called Radeon (TM) Hd 7600M


Win  64

i have also an integrated intel 4k hd graphics.


I tried:

To rollback, but the option is greyed out ( from the device manager i updated )

uninstall restart, for a second the driver i want is there, then windows just automatically flash black my screen, and the same driver is again, here.......

The autodetectutlilty shows that i have a chance to upgrade, but when i do it gives me installer integrity check error.

the new autodetect (radeon crimson 55mb large thing) tells me my OS is not supported.


i have been running around in circles for half a day, i am out of hope, i just wish a hero with a shiny shield comes and saves me (tears inside).