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    Issues with Chrome browser on ReLive driver


      So, this issue started to appear right after i installed new ReLive driver and occurs only on Chrome browser. When i'm watching youtube/vimeo/twitch/liveleak etc. video on fullscreen i'm dropping mass amount of frames, image is lagging all over the place but sound is playing fine so after few seconds, audio is ahead of video. Sometimes it works just fine and i can't determine what exactly is causing this issue. I tried new, clean driver installation (DDU), but there is no diffrence.

      Here is how it looks like on some random youtube video: driver issue - YouTube


      Few workarounds i found so far, but they are not really an option for me:

      - unplugging second screen

      - turning ReLive option off in driver settings (i wannt to use it! )

      - clicking anywhere on second screen when video is lagging on first


      Here is my hardware:

      XFX 550W psu

      i5 4690k

      Asus Z87 gryphon motherboard

      2x8gb 1866 RAM

      Asus strix RX480 8GB

      screen number 1: IIyama ProLite E2208HDS (1920x1080 60HZ) connected with DVI cable

      screen number 2: Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW (1680x1050 60HZ) connected with HDMI to DVI cable (HDMI in card)


      Everything running on Windows 10x64


      Is anyone experiencing similar issue? Any ideas how to fix this other than installing previous driver or fresh system?