Thoughts/Opinions on Crimson ReLive

Discussion created by black_zion on Dec 12, 2016
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Thought I'd make a thread here about it. Post your thoughts and opinions on Crimson ReLive here, and mention any bugs you are having (as well as report it to the driver team at but don't request help for them, do that in the Drivers section.



I like it, but there is work to be done. The addition of a clean installation option was long overdue and should eliminate the need for Driver Cleaner. Having an ability to record in game is also long overdue, though I hope additional formats will be available in the near future, .mp4 isn't exactly the most efficient of containers. Unlike MSI Afterburner, I can actually overclock my Fury Nano, it doesn't crash if I add a megahertz to it, however memory speed is still unable to be adjusted (that section doesn't even show), but it's been that way from day one, so it must be hardlocked.


It does have its downsides, however. Frame Rate Limiter is broken (both globally and on a profile basis) from Crimson, scanning for games (still) doesn't detect any (suspect it can't detect games installed on the non OS drive), and Wattman resets global custom clocks, fan speeds, and target temperature to default values after a reboot, meaning every game you play will require its own profile, a major pain if none of yours are detected. As mentioned on other sites, Radeon Chill works on a whitelist basis, so it's still fairly ineffective.


Here's hoping for a good Crimson ReLive 17.1.