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    16.12.1 GPU 100% load issue with unknown reason




      As the Picture shows, GPU loading is 100%(so gpu core clock is at top max).

      I notice this is because GPU temp is high(60degreeC) while my PC is in idle.


      I wonder if I got virus or something in background, but not.

      1.Once I disable ReLive in Radeon Settings , GPU back to normal 0%.

      2.When this happens,I did not recording anything, no instant replay too, no background 3d/dxva sessions.

      3.I re-enable relive, GPU loading is still normal

      4.Even I starting to recording with ReLive,GPU loading is very low.

      5.ReLive on my system is not using high GPU, but with an unknown reason GPU stuck at 100% load,but disable relive makes it back to normal without reboot.


      So this is a GPU loading bug again(maybe ReLive related or not), which I do not know how it happens. I go home and back to my PC and suddenly found it acts so. I have msi afterburner running in background but I do not think it caused the issue. In the picture I already closed afterburner.


      Just I wonder if this is windows 10 hibernate related issue.


      CPU: Intel E3-1230v2

      Motherboard:Gigabyte B75M-D3H rev1.2 /BIOS F15

      RAM: 20GB DDR3 1333 RAM

      GPU: Powercolor RX460 2G

      OS: Windows 10 64bit 1670

      Driver: Crimson ReLive 16.12.1

      Display: Benq GL2450 1920x1080@60Hz DVI

      My DxDiag:

      DxDiag_up.txt - Google Drive

      Already reported to issue form.