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Question asked by cong36c on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by savagebeastzero

Hey peeps I sent back my FX-8320E because it died for no reason. They sent me some emails saying that thing has been approved, and they are waiting for a reply from me, but at the top of all their emails it says 'plz dont reply because this was an automatically generated email' or something like that. This is the latest one:

I have checked all of my folders in my mail and there is nothing that tells me to reply somewhere.



This is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply.


    Dear Clemente,


    You recently contacted AMD Global Customer Care.


    If you submitted your request electronically, we have sent a response

    to your inquiry and have had no reply from you in the last 10 days.


    If you have not received our response to your enquiry, please check

    your email spam filter for an email from: . Please

    ensure to add this email address to your safe sender list.


    If you are unable to locate our response and/or require further

    assistance, please open a new ticket under:


    If your questions have been answered and you don’t require further

    assistance, we would appreciate you taking a few moments to rate your

    experience with us.


    Please click here to find 7 simple questions.



    Thank you very much for your time.


    Best regards,


    AMD Global Customer Care



    This email is a direct result of your contact with the AMD Global

    Customer Care and not part of a campaign. There is no need to

    unsubscribe to this email as you will only be contacted again if you

    directly request another service from AMD Global Customer Care.


    The contents of this message are provided for informational only. AMD

    makes no representation or warranties with respect to the respect to

    the accuracy of the contents of the information provided, and reserves

    the right to change such information at any time, with or without





That's what it says so I need some help on the next step. I called their phone number but the recording said that everything is done online now, and then hung up.