Crimson 16.12.1. Radeon R9 270. Idle clocks stuck at high level.

Discussion created by indykk on Dec 11, 2016
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Hi there. Sorry for my bad english.


It starts almost a year ago, now 16.12.1 and still no fix.


Sometimes, after some activity (for example watching movies through the browser, or playing PC games), and then after returning to the idle state, the core and memory clocks are stuck at high level. Just a reminder - for idle 2D, default is 300/150MHz (Radeon R9 270). But for almost a year, somehow, AMD software thinks that I'm in 3D state, while I'm in idle 2D state, so clocks stuck at 450/1400MHz. And this happens at zero activity. This is really weird. My graphics card is 15 degree C hotter and draws more power. This is totally unnecessary.


I was using a bunch of software: MSI Gaming App, MSI Afterburner, Gigabyte OC Guru 2, HWiNFO, RTSS, GPU-Z. But it doesn't matter. Because even without them, the problem still exist. Sometimes (unfortunately, only sometimes) Gigabyte OC Guru 2 is able to reset GPU clocks to default level 300/150MHz (AMD software can't do this, which is weird). Otherwise, I have to reboot my PC. This is really annoying, because I have to constantly check, if core/mem clocks are not stuck again. If I stay in the idle 2D state (e.g writing articles in Notepad++) for half a day, everything is fine. But sometimes, after some activity demanding GPU to work, and then when I back to the idle, the clocks are stuck @ 450/1400MHz. This doesn't happen always, but still, annoying and unnecessary.


Something triggers the high clocks at idle.


Anyway, no fix for almost a year.


My PC specs:

ASRock H81M-GL

Intel Core i5-4440

2 x 4GB Crucial 1600MHz CL11

MSI Radeon R9 270 2GB Gaming


XFX Pro 550W

LG W1934S

Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-bit with all the updates. No viruses, malware etc.

Applications that always run in the background: Peerblock, Windows Firewall Control, Sandboxie, Iris Mini, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. In addition, other applications used during work: Chrome, Firefox Nightly, Gimp2, Notepad++, Foobar2000.

I play games mostly through the digital distribution platforms: Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOGGalaxy.


Please, don't tell me that I need to reinstall drivers or do an antivirus scan I've done it dozens of times. Disabling hardware (GPU) acceleration in some of the applications (of course I'm not talking about games), brings good results, but I'm losing performance.


So, here how it looks.

I will be grateful for the recognition of this problem in the next update.

Take care.