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    Crimson 16.12.1. Radeon R9 270. Idle clocks stuck at high level.


      Hi there. Sorry for my bad english.


      It starts almost a year ago, now 16.12.1 and still no fix.


      Sometimes, after some activity (for example watching movies through the browser, or playing PC games), and then after returning to the idle state, the core and memory clocks are stuck at high level. Just a reminder - for idle 2D, default is 300/150MHz (Radeon R9 270). But for almost a year, somehow, AMD software thinks that I'm in 3D state, while I'm in idle 2D state, so clocks stuck at 450/1400MHz. And this happens at zero activity. This is really weird. My graphics card is 15 degree C hotter and draws more power. This is totally unnecessary.


      I was using a bunch of software: MSI Gaming App, MSI Afterburner, Gigabyte OC Guru 2, HWiNFO, RTSS, GPU-Z. But it doesn't matter. Because even without them, the problem still exist. Sometimes (unfortunately, only sometimes) Gigabyte OC Guru 2 is able to reset GPU clocks to default level 300/150MHz (AMD software can't do this, which is weird). Otherwise, I have to reboot my PC. This is really annoying, because I have to constantly check, if core/mem clocks are not stuck again. If I stay in the idle 2D state (e.g writing articles in Notepad++) for half a day, everything is fine. But sometimes, after some activity demanding GPU to work, and then when I back to the idle, the clocks are stuck @ 450/1400MHz. This doesn't happen always, but still, annoying and unnecessary.


      Something triggers the high clocks at idle.


      Anyway, no fix for almost a year.


      My PC specs:

      ASRock H81M-GL

      Intel Core i5-4440

      2 x 4GB Crucial 1600MHz CL11

      MSI Radeon R9 270 2GB Gaming

      HDD WD Blue 1TB

      XFX Pro 550W

      LG W1934S

      Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-bit with all the updates. No viruses, malware etc.

      Applications that always run in the background: Peerblock, Windows Firewall Control, Sandboxie, Iris Mini, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. In addition, other applications used during work: Chrome, Firefox Nightly, Gimp2, Notepad++, Foobar2000.

      I play games mostly through the digital distribution platforms: Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOGGalaxy.


      Please, don't tell me that I need to reinstall drivers or do an antivirus scan I've done it dozens of times. Disabling hardware (GPU) acceleration in some of the applications (of course I'm not talking about games), brings good results, but I'm losing performance.


      So, here how it looks.

      I will be grateful for the recognition of this problem in the next update.

      Take care.

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          I am not sure if this will help but this was my observation when I am running dual display: Using DVI , the clocks 300/150 but if I am using HDMI it goes to 450/1400. What kind of connection are you using?. Also worth mentioning when my system goes back from sleep, it also sets at 450/1400 but when if the display turns off as screen saver  goes on trying to go back to work it drops back to 300/150. It seems if you have an intensive app open when the system goes deep sleep and wake about an hour, it runs at 450/1400. Sometimes if I let it idle for a while and closed the app, it reverts to 300/150.


          I don't know as I haven't tried display port to DVI connection if it exhibit the same behavior.

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            My LG W1934S is DSUB only, so I'm using DVI-DSUB adapter.



            I see that there are at least three types of clock bug:


            1) the so-called "UVD clocks bug", when the clock can't go beyond locked value, if I understand it correctly,

            2) the bug which I've described above, maybe it's related to the first one, but my point was that my GPU is unable to downclock when there is nothing to do for GPU,

            3) the "memory clock lock", similiar to the number two, when the memory clock stays at high level all the time (1400-1500MHz, for my GPU) but in addition, the memory clock slider is grayed-out, locked, untouchable, and the only cure is to re-install drivers.


            I've noticed a weird thing. If I'm using Gigabyte OC Guru II 2.04 (not 2.05, because it's broken for me), clock issues are somehow hard to reproduce. It's almost like the Gigabyte software manages clocks better than AMD software.


            And one more interesting/weird thing. Some time ago, I came across bug number three, the "memory clock lock", which was (is?) WAY more annoying, because when it happens, the memory clock slider is grayed-out, locked, untouchable. AMD software (Catalyst/Crimson) is unable to reset clocks to default level, rebooting computer also didn't help. The only cure is to uninstall drivers, perform DDU cleanup and install fresh drivers... Until this damn bug reappeared. How crazy is that? After my research, someone somewhere recommended Gigabyte OC Guru II. So when this "memory clock lock" bug appeared, I was easily able to reset clocks through the Gigabyte OC Guru II (like I said, I can't do it with Catalyst/Crimson software and also MSI Afterburner fail to do that). Frankly I haven't seen this "memory clock lock" bug for a 2-3 months, perhaps it has been fixed, or maybe is because I'm using Gigabyte software. So now, if I'm using Gigabyte OC Guru II 2.04, my graphics card acts quite normal, most of the time, maybe I just have a dumb luck.


            Once again, pardon my bad English.

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              Mam dokładnie ten sam problem.Nie raz karta mimo malego uzycia ma turbo. Pasek oc w sterach jest caly szary ,ale pamięci mogę zmienic. Dosc mocno te takty wplywaja na temperature wiec mam nadzieje ze amd sobie nie robi jaj i to naprawi. Probowalem starszych sterow ,ale nadal mam to samo i nie wiem ,dlaczego ?


              I have exactly the same problem. Not once, despite a small card use is turbo. Oc stacked bar in the whole gray, but the memory can change. Quite firmly These bars can both temperature so I hope amd takes no eggs and fix it. I tried syste older, but I still have the same thing and I do not know why?


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                the same problem, amd ignores this mistake

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                  Same problem on r9 280x... Shame on you AMD. 5 months have passed since this bug appeared and still no fix.


                  Guys if I ignore the fact that my gpu sometimes get stuck in 3d state and continue daily use of my pc, will it damage my gpu?

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                    Download 16.7.2 from guru3d or some other reliable site with older versions of drivers and card wont get stuck in UVD clocks.


                    Best workaround is to switch to nVidia as soon as you need newer drivers (newer than 16.7.2) or need an upgrade. I just can't recommend AMD cards to anyone, because of this kind of behavior from AMD especially because there is no workaround for this if game makes use of hw acceleration for cutsceens/intros because restarting driver will most likely crash the game.


                    They ignored the old UVD clock bug for so long, they think they will get away with this newer version of it, bug that is still present I think with (UVD clock having higher priority then 3D clock) or at least it is still present with 16.7.2 since newer drivers are broken for my card.

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                      Can you give this a try. Uninstall Gigabyte OC Guru/MSI Afterburner or anything that manages your gpu. Re-install  Crimson 16.12.1 and select the clean install option and observe the behavior without the OC Guru or Afterburner. Control it with Global OverDrive as Global Wattman doesn't support R7 370 or the R9 270.

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                          half a year doesn't work to a problem already

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                            I don't even use msi afterburner or other similar software and I have never overclocked my GPU. I noticed this crappy bug because of unusually high idle temps. They were 10 degrees higher than they should have been. Keeping 16.7.2 driver is not an option, some newer games wont even launch with old drivers(BF1 for example). This is 100% bug and AMD should finally fix it. If this bug is here on purpose in order to force us to get new GPU, eventually I will get new GPU but they will not be the one who benefits from it.

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                              I've already done that. It was my primary scenario:

                              - uninstall previous drivers,

                              - safe mode and DDU cleanup,

                              - Crimson 16.12.1 ReLive fresh install.


                              No Gigabyte, MSI or any other software including apps for monitoring (hwinfo, gpu-z etc). I tested for four days. When I finished any job that required GPU to work for a longer time, the clocks were stuck at 450MHz (core) and 1400MHz (memory).


                              But after using Gigabyte OC Guru II 2.04, this problem occurs very, VERY rarely, so everything is fine for most of the time (with MSI Afterburner the problem occurs just like without it, so I stopped using it long time ago). But the reason I started this topic is to let the AMD know, that something is wrong.


                              I'm that kind of guy, who pays much attention to any unnecessary and suspicious hardware behaviour. Sometimes it just bother me.

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                                  As I already said, as soon your GPU makes use of hw acceleration (means any kind of workload excluding games), your GPU is stuck until you restart driver. It is possible that OC guru have some kind of forcing idle P-state for GPU but that is hardly workaround since results can differ from card to card or even OS. I tried with OC guru because why not if there is possibility to work but I did not had positive results.

                                  Also, there is a reason why I have to use afterburner for my 270x hawk


                                  I cant achieve these clocks when needed with other tools because I dont have full voltage control.


                                  People in AMD does not care for bugs related to basic functionality, they did not cared ever since first clock priority bug appeared, they wont care now with this upgraded bug for 1st gen GCN cards. The only reason why they fixed fan bug was because that would cost them a lot over the years.

                                  I will not beg them for fix, I will simply switch to nV card when I have need for newer drivers if this does not get fixed and I will definitively switch when I need more power.

                                  2 ex-tahiti owners that I know (which leaves me with 4 cards to test this issue) switched to pascal and something tells me they wont bother with AMD GPUs again either since they can actually play BF1 without any drawbacks

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                                OK, I probably found a temporary solution for any clock-stuck problems.


                                Custom Resolution Utility (CRU), it's a utility for... well... the name tells you all. But anyway you don't need to using it. This software is also equipped with two files: restart.exe and restart64.exe. With them (depends of your OS version, 32bit, 64bit) you can force graphics card driver to restart, without rebooting PC. Before that, you need to quit any gpu-managing software (msi afterburner, gpu-z etc.), this is mandatory.


                                And of course it works.


                                It's fine for situations where your clocks are stuck and you need to run a game with your GPU overclocked, so obviously restarting GPU driver unlocks stuck clocks. Also, when you finish your work and GPU is stuck at high clocks, then you can restart GPU driver and clocks will drop to the idle level.


                                I hope AMD will fix this bug anyway.


                                Once again, pardon my bad English.

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                                    It is not the issue to restart driver when you are not in the game. Issue starts when you are stuck in UVD clocks while in the game. And reason for for GPU getting stuck while you are in the game is because game engine is advanced enough to use hw acceleration for videos. And these advanced engines are the ones that requires OC most of the time. And we all know how games react to driver restart almost every time.


                                    That means only one thing. There is no workaround that will work for this issue as long as these ignorant people in AMD will never learn why they can't sell their GPUs.

                                    There is no chance that I can buy or recommend any AMD GPU to anyone ever again because their support does not care about issues about their own products. On top of that, even if pitcairn/tahiti (since these are still capable of running any modern game just fine) are fairly old cards, they still work in same way as polaris cards. They would even consume almost same amount of power while gaming if 28nm was used for polaris cards. For example, pitcairn on average needs ~120w while gaming and 460 ~70-75w and when u remove couple watts from other power consumers on card itself, you will get similar number when you divide/multiply number with 2 to match production node difference and that difference is probably result of a bit different chip configuration.

                                    That is the reason why pitcarin was rebranded for a second time, because they could not improve efficiency of their already top gcn chip by efficiency.


                                    This is shame for both AMD and popular IT journalists, because if IT journalists actually made some pressure on AMD sloppiness, they would have to fix these basic functionality issues.

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                                    I also have the same problem with broken AMD power play after updating from 16.7.2 to Relive 17.2.1. It was not happening before.

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                                      I had a similar kind of problem, a while back.

                                      2xR290 with 3 displays (One HDMI, two DVI).

                                      The reason was, that one of my displays refresh rate was at 59Hz, while others were 60Hz (like they should). With W10 April update check Display settings -> Advanced display settings and you see the summary of displays. If any (or only) display's Refresh rate there is listed as 59Hz, change it (them) to 60Hz. Each one can be managed separately.

                                      Of course, might not be your problem. But it was the one for me... Hope this helps someone...

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