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    RX480 Heat Related Issue?


      Repost from the General discussion forum


      My Specs:


      GPU: Radeon RX480 8GB

      CPU: AMD FX8350 4GHz

      Motherboard: Gigabyte 970a-DS3P

      RAM: 8GB

      Memory Clock: 1266MHz

      OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

      Graphics Driver: Crimson ReLive 16.12.1

      No overclocking, it's all 'Out of the Box'


      So, firstly I'm hoping for some sensible and helpful discussion. I've tried several 'gaming' forums and just received abuse about clearly how stupid I am...


      Anyway, I've bought a new PC and been having an issue with a few games with crashing. The games I've played so far:

      Dishonored 1 (about 30 hours) on 'Ultra' settings - No Issues

      Rome 2 Total War (About 15 hours) on 'Extreme' - No issues

      Elder Scrolls Online on all settings - crashes

      DOOM on all settings - crashes


      The crash itself regularly occurs about 10 minutes into the game, at which point the screen goes blank, the audio goes dead and effectively my PC locks up. The only way to recover from this state is to Hard Reset the PC. At which point it is running OK, with NO crash logs or error reports suggesting what the problem was.


      So I've tried all the usual troubleshooting methods (re-installs, update all drivers, turn off firewalls etc.) nothing makes any differences. 10 mins in and CRASH. So I've been monitoring my hardware in game. All games run perfectly smoothly, well over 60FPS and stable; no stutters or drops even on the highest settings. I did notice the temperature of the GPU getting to around 80°C. This is where the abuse came in; many people have told me that 80°C is perfectly normal, acceptable, no issue and my problem is elsewhere, but I decided to follow up on it anyway. Low and behold if I manually juice up the fan speed in the RX480 so it maintains a steady 55-60°C no more crashes and no more issue. In my mind it could make sense, as the games that are crashing are newer and have better graphics so are no doubt putting greater strain on the GPU.


      So I have a few questions for the AMD community (where better to ask!?)

      1/ IS 80°C OK, or is it really getting a bit warm?

      2/ Is this sort of crash indicative of a heat related issue, or could I have another problem?

      3/ If I can turn the fault off an on again with fan speed; why is it necessary to use 'Manual' controls? Are the automatic fan settings not up to scratch?


      Would really appreciate peoples thoughts and comments. It's a brand new PC, so I'm wrestling at the moment whether to return it (though I'd rather not), or whether I'm just being a bit amateur (new to this PC gaming business!)




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          Hi thecreg,

          I'm sure if you can or not on the 480 has I am using the 390x but if possible try and use the "non-whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-16.11.5-nov25" drivers.

          It seems that the "Crimson ReLive 16.12.1" are giving a lot of people a hell of a problem myself included.

          My problem with the "Crimson ReLive 16.12.1" was at idle my temp went up to 61c and fan was spiking from anywhere from 0-1100 (on the 16.11.5 it was idle at 37c and 0 fan speed fan should start at 60c) playing games was ok I got good FPS and normal temperatures (Skyforge and Rise of the Tomb Raiders around 80c, Marvel Heroes 2016 around 73c) but in the Wattman I did not have the temperature option it was missing or not included for the 300 card series.

          You just have to look through these forums and by doing an internet search just to get an idea of the nightmares people are having with these drivers (16.12.1).

          I have since reloaded back my 16.11.5 drivers and everything well and truly great again, so if possible try those they are well and truly stable.

          But the answer also to your temperatures are they are good even though the fan sounds a little loud (fore which can be some what a little annoying at times).

          I hope I have been of some help to you and good luck on your results.

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            Hey thecreg,


            Alright, let's get started with providing you a solution to your issue. Before we can begin, we need you to provide the following information. Although you have provided quite a bit of the information, there are a few extremely important components and details left out. Once we receive everything requested, we'll have a more clear picture as to what might be causing the issues. I already have quite a few possibilities that are jumping out at me, as would a few other experienced users reading this, but we want to have definitive information, so as to not leave anything out of consideration before we begin isolating what may be the cause, with the intention of eliminating any poor recommendations on our behalf.


            As for the general questions you've asked thus far, that can be answered prior to you providing the requested information....


            1. 80 Degrees Celsius is perfectly fine and very much so in line with all reference and third party vendor cards when under full load.
            2. No, a system lock up or hard crash can be caused by multiple different variables, from insufficient power supply/delivery, component failure, components settings, general system settings, corrupt operating system and far more than can be covered in a general response.
            3. Although you may feel you've replicated the issue, thus have isolated the cause, I highly recommend that you await further guidance as this is likely not the issue or should I say, not directly causing the issue at hand, but instead more of a behavior that alerts us as to what it may be.


            Although what you deem to be the issue, is likely not the direct cause, I must say that I applaud your attempts at troubleshooting thus far. Pending you maintain this inquisitive attitude as you progress in understanding how to maintain your system, you'll understand more than many of the people that wrongly assumed your intellect level and soon enough they'll be given a situation that you'll know how to resolve. When that time comes, you can show them how to be the better person by providing them the assistance, they likely never knew how to provide in the first place, thus why they instead chose to sling insults.


            So, I apologize for the previous behavior of the individuals you requested help from, but let it be known that the most experienced and knowledgeable users know better than to act like they always knew, because at one point or another, we were all a first time user requesting assistance and if anyone claims otherwise they're lying.


            With that being said, welcome to the AMD community support forums and to PC gaming. We have some of the most technically knowledgeable users anywhere and we will be happy help you solve your issue, so just provide the information I requested and one of us will assist you within 24 hours or less.


            Have a nice day

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                Hi Thanks for the helpful response. I have to say the attitude of people in this particular forum has already impressed me; much more helpful altogether!!


                so, the details you requested:

                • AMD Graphics Card - RX 480 8gb (it has Gigabyte on the side which I'm assuming is the brand)
                • Desktop System


                • Operating System - Windows 10 Home 64bit
                • Driver version installed - Crimson ReLive 16.12.1
                • Display Devices - Benq RL2455, connected via HDMI, running at 1080p 70Hz refresh rate
                • Motherboard - Gigabyte 970a-DS3P (running 'FD' bios)
                • CPU/APU - FX 8350 @ 4Ghz (no o'clock)
                • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage - 650W not 100% sure of make, model (will check)
                • RAM - 8gb


                To add to what I've already said, where I mentioned annually controlling fan speed helps; well it appears to work well. I've underclocked the GPU slightly using WattMan so it's drawing less power, and then turned the fans up. So during game I'm drawing a lot less power and the heat is no getting so high (about 55°C max). Now there are no more crashes, and I've been playing all weekend. I've still got most setting on Ultra and getting a nice smooth 80FPS (only dips to about 50 in large open areas). So, this is all fairly positive, but I'd still like to know what the actual root cause is if anyone can help with that.



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                    Everything sure leads me to believe it's a heat issue. Even though your gpu temperature might be ok you could be looking at an overheating memory module.

                    AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB Temperature & Noise Results

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                      Hey thecreg,


                      I'd like you to determine exactly what power supply this is if you could, as the exact make/model is incredibly important. Even if you must open the case and remove it because, it's highly likely that you may be running into a power supply issue. The likelihood increases even more if this was purchased via a system builder (EX:Cyber Power or Maingear), because mass production system builders tend to cut costs by providing the consumer with a sub par power supply when they're buying within the mid range and not selecting a specific power supply to be installed through their selectable options. Thus, it's highly possible that even though the power supply might in fact be "rated" for 650W, it can also mean that it isn't even rated by the 80 Plus or higher certification process, which would mean that the power supply's integrity would be marginal at best.


                      So, get the make/model to me as soon as possible, so I can ascertain the units quality and if it's potentially causing the issue.

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