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New driver problem (duplicate desktop)

Question asked by hunork on Dec 11, 2016
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It should be a big help. Such was not a problem so far. Samsung TV and PC (R9 390 Asus Strix) connected to each other (PC: DVI, TV: HDMI), all well and good, I praise the former AMD in this area. The new driver intalled. (Lead Packaging version 16.50.2001-161204a-309270C) Relive not allowed! I did not change anything, but if it doubles as a monitor (repetitive desktop) flashes as God's arrow. This stripe. Shake the image. And between  the two devices. If only one device configuration, then everything is fine. Go back to a driver level? Irritating. What makes this? Or the next week come the hotfix?

Thank you!


My PC parameters:

Raijintek Aeneas | FSP HyperS 700W | MSI B150M Mortar | 2x8 Gbyte HyperX Fury 2133 Mhz DDR4 | Intel Core i5 6600 | AC Freezer 13 Cooler & Arctic MX4 | ASUS R9-390 Strix 8GB | INTEL 535 120GB SSD | Toshiba 2TB DT01ACA200 | WD 1TB Purple Surveillance | WD Elements 2TB USB3 | Samsung SH DVD-RW | Genius SP-120 | Benq GL2240M 21.5" Led | TRUST GXT280 Gamer Keyboard | Asus Echelon Gamer Mouse | IBOX X7 Gaming Headphone | Akasa LED | WIN 10 64bit