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windows 10 Black Screen and Crashing... my solution

Question asked by meganetrix on Dec 11, 2016

I have a machine that ran Windows 10 without issues for about 1 year, then the stupid anniversary update corrupted my machine to the point of no recovery. I rebuilt the machine 2 months ago and immediately started having issues with it freezing multiple times per day. Most notably while watching videos. I tried everything I have found in multiple forums and nothing helped, then I came across an unrelated post that made me look at it, I noticed that on my notification tray I no longer had the Realtek HD sound drivers, instead my machine was running the AMD HDMI sound drivers. I went to the Realtek site and downloaded the HD drivers and not a single freeze or black screen since.       


To prove my point I uninstalled the Realtek HD drivers and re-installed the AMD HDMI sound and crashes started immediately, so I would recommend that if you have a machine with Realtek Sound chip and an AMD video card, you should install the Realtek Drivers and not allow the automated driver installation of Windows 10 install the AMD HDMI drivers. My machine is running an R9290 Video Card.