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New crimson ReLive issue

Question asked by 7thsealv2 on Dec 11, 2016

I just updated to crimson relive recently and I am having issue on my game, I have provided a picture of the said issue below. The previous version doesn't have any issue on my game by the way. I have tried doing a CUU and DDU and re install the crimson relive using the 400+mb package on amd website but no luck and have the same error, and one thing is after I tried to run the game 3 times, I got a BSOD suddenly with error IRQL something(can't remember). Other dx9 games works fine, only 1 game is having issue. I am using A8-7600 APU no ext gpu, MSi A68 motherboard. Good thing I have a system restore before the update and I just restored it for now and using previous driver.