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    ReLive unable to record BF1 in Fullscreen running DX11



      • MSI R9 Fury X
      • Custom built PC
      • Windows 10 64bit
      • Crimson Edition ReLive - 16.12.1
      • Benq XL2730Z, 1440x2560p, 144hz, Freesync connected by Displayport cable
      • ASUS Maximus VI Formula - BIOS 1603
      • i7 4770K - OC 4.5Ghz
      • Seasonic 1000w 80 plus Platnum
      • Kingston HyperX 16GB 16000mhz (2x 8GB)




      Hey guys.


      I am unable to record BF1 in Fullscreen while running DX11. The little icon will flash for a second when the game starts but then disappears. If I try and get the toolbar to show up (ALT-Z) when running BF1 in Fullscreen and in DX11 my mouse stops working and the toolbar doesn't display, it just locks my mouse from moving until I hit (ALT-Z) again to turn off the toolbar and my mouses movement is enabled again.


      I can get ReLive to record BF1 in DX11 in borderless mode and the toolbar works as well, but why doesn't it work in Fullscreen when running DX11?


      ReLive does work in Fullscreen when running DX12 but my 4770K CPU usage is so high when running DX12 I get lag spikes when the CPU usage gets to high. It does record in Fullscreen in DX12 but I can't use it as the performance is horrible. Apparently DICE know about the DX12 CPU issue and working on a fix but why won't it work on DX11 in Fullscreen?


      The same issue repeats itself on BF4 I can only record BF4 in borderless since Fullscreen  DX11 seems to break Relive at least for me and I've tried re installing the drivers to no avail..


      Great to hear AMD has got freesync working in borderless but FRTC doesn't seem to work in borderless and I rather record and play in Fullscreen than borderless.


      Weird thing is it records the game IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad perfectly in Fullscreen, though that game is a  64bit DX9 tittle which will be upgraded to DX11 shortly. I recorded a few videos over 3 hours but after the 3 hour mark specially the video was freezing for a few seconds every now and then. This especially occurred after saving a screenshot while recording created some freezes afterwords.

      The quality is great though to be able to capture 1440p and constant 60fps, the recorded FPS never dropped below 60fps.


      Before ReLive I was only capturing 1080p with PlaysTV and it was't even able to keep the constant 60FPS in the videos so really happy about ReLive and it's potential specially when I upgrade to the Vega soon with HEVC and should be able to capture 150Mbps, 1440p at 60fps  with amazing detail