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Hi AMD community... Issue with Radeon Software Crimson Relive Edition 16.12.1 Update

Question asked by raulblancor on Dec 10, 2016

After I update my Radeon Software to Crimson Relive Edition v.16.12.1 and reboot my PC, the software is not starting with windows, it does not appear the Radeon Settings Icon on the task bar, it is like the app does not start at when windows start, just until I click it on the main menu to start, I mean, a manual start.Before the update the software was starting when windows started.


Is this a new feature of the update or is this a bug of it?? How can I make the Radeon Software Settings starts when windows starts again as used to be, with tje icon on the task bar?  SO: Windows 10 64 bit. Home Single Language. Version 1607 AMD A10 8700P-Radeon R6 M340DX