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    ReLive Teamspeak on 2nd speaker source?



      Everything is working fine to set up my own mic for me but as a streamer I'd wish to include the sound for my teamspeak.

      or additional sound then just the sound form world of Warcraft.

      How do I do that, I can do it easy in OBS, but in here It seams impossible.


      Ive currently all sounds in the standard windows speakers as normal.

      But my voicechat inbound are set to give me it to the  "2nd" speaker* as i set my realtek to divide the sound, so I hear teamspeak in my headphones to hear it better as I play.


      Maybe if i have it all together cluttered in my regular It will be heard, hope for an update if this is the case. (im going to try this I guess it might work but still not a happy solution for me)