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AMD ReLive Audio recording problems

Question asked by ixim on Dec 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by nikolaikorvus

ReLive is actually phenomenal provided that I fix these audio issues I've been having as of late. One good thing in ReLive is that it's pretty compact and streamlined to use, as opposed to general clunkiness of fraps. Not to mention the size difference(1min RL = ~200 MB, 1min fraps = ~4,5 GB; the latter obviously requiring a dub to downsize that terabit bitrate monstrosity). I'll show you just what I'm on about:


2016 12 10 22 54 - YouTube


That is how it sounds from ReLive


Tyranny - YouTube


This is how it's supposed to sound(fraps redub)


...what's going on here? I mean, I am aware that the difference in the audio bitrate is substantial(250 kb/s ReLive vs 6150 kb/s fraps / redub), but that ReLive sound sounds ...broken.


I also can't access ReLive in SWTOR. The app where it'd be the most useful(you have no idea what an optimisation that'd be!). It's almost like it can't penetrate deep enough for SWTOR to recognise it.