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    [BUG] ReLive installs on incompatible systems and bricks them


      I have a 5150 and was running Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta, the last compatible version with it. I have 64-bit WIndows 8.1. It's been bugging me to update so I did and it took me to the ReLive driver page. Downloaded and started to install... BSOD. Reboot and it gives error that amdkmpfd.sys is missing. Trying to boot into safe mode gives the same error message. Via recovery media, Windows can't repair or fix the issue. I'll post the fix below but this is a bad bug. First, why was it asking me to update when there are no compatible drivers to update? Second, why didn't ReLive check for compatibility?


      Here's the fix. You'll need another computer and a way to plug in your computer's hard drive to another computer. Whether it's SATA or USB adapter, as long as you can browse the files you're good to go.

      The file is not available to download except in AMD's old Crimson driver package. https://www2.ati.com/drivers/amd-catalyst-15.7.1-with-dotnet45-win8.1-64bit.exe

      Use Universal Extractor: http://www.legroom.net/software/uniextract

      To unpack the install file and search within the install files for that "amdkmpfd". For good measure, I copied the files with all extensions that had that file name including most importantly, amdkmpfd.sys. Copy these to /Windows/System32/drivers.

      Now your computer will boot up! Now install the proper graphics card drivers and disable automatic update checking.