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    ReLive Issue (R9 270X)


      GPU: AMD R9 270X (Powercolor PCS+)

      OS: Windows 10, 64-bit

      Driver version: 16.12.1

      Motherboard: Dell motherboard, socket is Q77, Model: 0GY6Y8

      CPU: Intel core i7 3770

      PSU: CoolerMaster G750M, 750 watt

      RAM: 8 GB, 1600Mhz (2x4)



      I just finished installing the new driver, (I selected clean install under custom install), and, everything was working fine, but, when i try to bring up the toolbar/overlay using the ALT + Z key combination, nothing happens, so, i tried rebinding it to another key combination ( CTRL + L ), that also did not work. Also, does a game have to be open (or do i have to be in game to use the overlay/toolbar?)