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16.12.1 feedback.

Question asked by ggg on Dec 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2016 by hlxx

Charm Solitaire game still closing immediatly after launch since 16.7.2, my mom is sad.

Chrome fullscreen video becomes choppy/laggy.

Russian translation is awfull.

Please, move recording cache to RAM instead HDD/SSD.

Seems like recording/streaming does not work with noborder windowed application. Yeah, its still work if use Desktop Recording but if i dont wonna show desktop but need alttabbing its become a problem.

Control Center does not autorun at Windows start, Bugreport Utility shourtcut can't find .exe file.


Also, in my opinion, Crimson desing is nice looking in general, but its not compact. Functions takes too much place and spread instead of grouping.

I found Wattman voltage/frequency settings after 10 minutes of exploring, coz there is almost invisible scroll.


Sad to say but back to 16.7.2. Again. Tired. At least its not blackscreening.