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    ReLive causes "square artifacts and flickering" in DooM  when using Vulkan, EDIT: OpenGL as well, temp fix: SMAA (1TX)


      I updadted the driver to the new Crimson ReLive and i get a similar problem in DooM like in this Steam thread:

      Vulkan screen flickering / graphic bug in Multiplayer :: DOOM General Discussions


      The video footage is short, but you can get the idea. In my case, the squares are blue and there're flickering, sometimes i get lines all over my screen, as if my VRAM is starting to die. I don't get this issue in other games. I rolled back to 16.11.4, issue was gone. Then i installed 16.12.1 again to see if its still present, it was. And when i thought i had it solved with 16.11.4, it also happend in DooM, now i'm confused. Don't worry, i did all this uninstalling and installing with DDU. For now, i'm running 16.12.1 because i'm a bit "fed up".



      Win 10

      i5 6600

      24 GB RAM

      XFX RX 480GTR



      EDIT: *sigh* it also happends with OpenGL, with Crimson ReLive and the older Crimson version, what is happening?It ran perfectly before...


      EDIT 2: LOL, i tried no AA at all, still those artifacts. Then i tried SMAA (1TX) on the fly in multiplayer, no problems since then. What sorcery is this?