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Drivers are already installed?

Question asked by icemole on Dec 10, 2016
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Hello, so today I tried to install the latest graphic drivers (16.12.1) for my graphic card (AMD Radeon R7 Graphics on a Lenovo Z50-75, I know, Lenovo lol right?) and I was surprised with a screen which said "drivers are already installed", even though I hadn't installed them. I tried to do a clean uninstall and, even then, the "drivers are already installed" screen appeared (I had no drivers installed!). And when I press enter, it brings me to another screen which says "your graphics card is awaiting - read final user license", "quick install" and "custom install". Clicking both install buttons does nothing, and clicking "read final user license" gets me to a black screen with nothing else but a button "return". I have tried several times to download the drivers, but it did not work.


According to AMD software settings, my driver packaging version is:

Driver Packaging Version


(how can it be higher than the latest?). My question is, is there any way I can update the drivers or do I have to stick with the ones I have now? The gaming performance on this computer is not very high so any performance boost would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.