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    Suggestion: small improvements/bugfixes/new features


      Hi, installed the new 16.12.1 so far everything's great, but I'd like to suggest some minor changes which are "bothering" me since the 1st crimson release



      - remember the last size of the Radeon Software window (I have to maximize the windows every time I launch RS).


      Game profiles:

      - remember the last working directory when adding a game profile manually (currently reverts back to the Desktop folder)

      - add an option to set several directories to scan games (currently games are only detected if they were installed when Radeon Software was running, when they're restored using a manual backup RS will not detect them)

      - Power Efficiency toggle per game profiles



      - unlock State 0 clock and voltage controls (useful for "expert" overclocking and undervolting)

      - enable HBM memory overclocking steps for Fiji


      - not sure if this is possible, but Disable some states for maximum performance or maximum efficiency (I can set the same clock and voltage for state 1+ which effectively serves the same purpose but it will still treat them as different states)


      Display settings:

      - add pixel format option to the new UI

      - color options (saturation, brightness, contrat etc.) too

      - resolution change (not a priority but it was available in Catalyst)



      - allow higher video bitrate when "custom" profile is selected (currently possible via registry, but may lower performance so maybe show a warning notification)

      - different audio tracks when recording from multiple audio sources

      - Recording cache in RAM (and perhaps an option to configure the buffer size)


      I will also send this as a feedback in a few days.