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    ReLive Crashes in every Game title


      Just updated to Relive because I was getting a weird black screen in part of Doom and thought it was a driver issue.


      Except now every game crashes in one way or another within a few minutes. Hitman (2016) has display output stop while everything else keeps running so I have to restart. Doom crashes completely and an error message about WattMan pops up. And I can't roll back the drivers at all because of course they're not available for download anymore.


      PowerColor Red Dragon Rx470/Win10 64bit, and no, no settings were screwed with in the drivers/no overclocking/etc. HDMI out w/5% HDMI scaling. Either my new GPU just broke and I have to RMA asap or, since Hitman was working just an hour before updating the drivers, the drivers are the problem.