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amd radeon r7 m440 problems

Question asked by frost on Dec 10, 2016

hi everyone i have new notebook HP 17-y020ng with radeon r5 integrated and r7 m440 linked. i downloaded the latest drivers i have the new crimson edition or how its called amd radeon settings panel i did everything from tutorials to run games on high preformance. problem is games are not seeing my r7 video card. just the r5. tried to disable the r5 so the r7 will become main gpu now games see only some microsoft display rendering card. what can i do to be able to play with r7. in the new settings panel there is no way to assign my r7 to high preformance. so any suggestion would be nice im fighting with this problem for 5 days already and totaly getting tired of it. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer