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    My report for last drivers (MSI RX480 8GB Gaming X)


      This is my report for the last drivers (with an MSI RX480 8GB Gaming X):


      - Delete various good options, like predefined resolutions

      - ReLive doesn't work fine on some much games, like Witcher 3, you need activate "record desktop" (I play on full screen), others like LOL work fine.

      - Is good the counter figure on the corner when you record, but in the video cover other things like RivaTuner Statics, so that should disappear when whatching the video after.

      - Problems with overclock and underclock: I use MSI afterburner for overclock, fan curve, etc. I can run a game and work fine, but when I apply a OC or underlock and I enter the game again, FPS massive down from 50-60 to 25-30. I need to reboot the computer for fix this. Every time. With the older drivers never happens to me.

      - Coil Whine. Well, good news! (NOT)


      Conclusion: This drivers sucks, very hard!