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[Relive] Can we have an option to force the target FPS of the file?

Question asked by benchart on Dec 9, 2016

Hi there AMD.
Before starting, let me give you a very strong congratulations for your hard work in all the software and updates that you have been working lately.
It's just great.


Now let's get to the subject.
I run a benchmark channel, amateur one, so recording software is actually very very very important to me.
I would love to get a hw capture card, but it's expensive so I have to rely on software recorders.


The Relive is very good, but mymain problem is the way that your codec/recording is made.
I am aware that the GCN 1.0 card struggles sometimes to keep up with the 1080P/60FPS while recoding, i'm fully aware of that.
Altough, there are softwares that I can specify that I want 60FPS on the target file, and dispite I could have some drops here and there from the 60fps while recording due to UVD being weak or the game itself being heavy, the target file would be always 60FPS, dispite, yes the drops being noticable, all the 60fps sequence are smooth due to the target sticks locked to 60FPS on the file.


So the main problem for me with the Relive, is that, it auto-adjust the target FPS File on-fly, so if I specify that I want a 60FPS video, if the game that i am running punish more than the usuall the UVD or the GPU Performance at some sequences, the target file will be something like 48FPS or 52FPS or something outside than what I really specified on the options.
So all the sequences that I was getting 60FPS while recording gets to the same framerate as the target 48 or 52FPS that was automatically adjusted by the Relive without my permission.
Don't get me wrong the ideia is nice, but I would really love to have an option where I could disable this "Auto-Framerate target" and force the 60FPS like I did specified, whatever the consequences.


Can I expect a feature like this on the future?



Pedro Nunes
BenchART Youtube Channel Owner.