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Feedback on "Feedback" and "Vote for New Features" on Radeon Software Version 16.12.1 (ReLive).

Question asked by colesdav on Dec 9, 2016
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Looking here:

There is a list of features that, I guess, anyone could vote for.


Nice idea.




(1). Who came up with the list?

(2). Some things listed to vote for are self explanitory, some need some explanation regarding what they mean exactly, are there any more details?

(3). Looking into it I think that most of the features are now implemented in Crimson over the past year.

(4). Will there be a new list? Would you consider letting Radeon Users propose new features themselves? OK I am sure it could be open to abuse by 'haters' etc.

       But used correctly you could probably get some valuable information.




I have been doing some testing on Radeon Software Version16.12.1 over past 2 days now.
I think that this release, or at least the direction it is going in,  is really pretty impressive from what I have tested so far on my System.

For example.

1. Chill, gives really impressive performance and power saving on "The Witcher 3" when run with Single GPU (it does not support Crossfire in this driver).

2. ReLive is definitely a lower overhead, higher performance option for Recording Videos compared to Plays.TV. Software.
     It is much easier than having to use an external Avermedia Live Gamer Capture Card with another PC/Laptop.

3. It was good to see Wattman be made available to older AMD Cards ('Real' R9 200 series and up).

4. You updated the Banner Ads, I was getting bored with the old ones.

5. You added a tiny star in the top right hand corner of the GUI that links to


So the above features did turn up and were definitely things I had been interested to see in the AMD Radeon Crimson Driver.
I had recently asked about Chill on the AMD forum.
I had mentioned the requirement to build in better low CPU overhead recording solutions into the GPU, instead of having to purchase an Avermedia Capture Card and external Laptop on Steam forums.

I wanted Wattman. It might help me get some more performance out of my cards if I do decide to overclock them.

Updating Banner Ads was good, they have been pretty much the same for a while.

User Feedback. Definitely a good idea.


But there are things that I would like to have seen, which at first sight do not seem  to require a massive effort to implement.

They might make a big difference to AMD GPU user satisfaction and eventually help sales. 
I am sure there are many others with similar / better ideas than me.