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    Feedback on "Feedback" and "Vote for New Features" on Radeon Software Version 16.12.1 (ReLive).






      Looking here:


      There is a list of features that, I guess, anyone could vote for.


      Nice idea.




      (1). Who came up with the list?

      (2). Some things listed to vote for are self explanitory, some need some explanation regarding what they mean exactly, are there any more details?

      (3). Looking into it I think that most of the features are now implemented in Crimson over the past year.

      (4). Will there be a new list? Would you consider letting Radeon Users propose new features themselves? OK I am sure it could be open to abuse by 'haters' etc.

             But used correctly you could probably get some valuable information.




      I have been doing some testing on Radeon Software Version16.12.1 over past 2 days now.
      I think that this release, or at least the direction it is going in,  is really pretty impressive from what I have tested so far on my System.

      For example.

      1. Chill, gives really impressive performance and power saving on "The Witcher 3" when run with Single GPU (it does not support Crossfire in this driver).

      2. ReLive is definitely a lower overhead, higher performance option for Recording Videos compared to Plays.TV. Software.
           It is much easier than having to use an external Avermedia Live Gamer Capture Card with another PC/Laptop.

      3. It was good to see Wattman be made available to older AMD Cards ('Real' R9 200 series and up).

      4. You updated the Banner Ads, I was getting bored with the old ones.

      5. You added a tiny star in the top right hand corner of the GUI that links to http://radeon.com/radeonsoftware/feedback/?ver=16.12.1&lang=en_US


      So the above features did turn up and were definitely things I had been interested to see in the AMD Radeon Crimson Driver.
      I had recently asked about Chill on the AMD forum.
      I had mentioned the requirement to build in better low CPU overhead recording solutions into the GPU, instead of having to purchase an Avermedia Capture Card and external Laptop on Steam forums.

      I wanted Wattman. It might help me get some more performance out of my cards if I do decide to overclock them.

      Updating Banner Ads was good, they have been pretty much the same for a while.

      User Feedback. Definitely a good idea.


      But there are things that I would like to have seen, which at first sight do not seem  to require a massive effort to implement.

      They might make a big difference to AMD GPU user satisfaction and eventually help sales. 
      I am sure there are many others with similar / better ideas than me.

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          OK, so I see one feature on my list ... an easy to use benchmarking tool with overlays that can Benchamark DX12, DX11 and Vulkan is almost here ...

          Nice name.

          I love cats.

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            I want to see a list of up to 50 ideas at least so I would highlight those I want the most.

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                You might note I did not post the ideas / suggestions I have on this post.
                This is not about pushing what I personally want.
                I have been on this forum less than one year and I can see there are other members on this forum with very detailed technical knowledge and

                clearly want to improve AMD GPU's.
                If there is a Feedback Button already, I think it could be a good idea to allow users to submit improvements they would want to see.
                The features on the voting list on the link I saw yesterday, seems already mostly implemented, or nearly completed.

                I was initially unclear on some features on the list.

                It would be good to have some more details on the features in the voting list, otherwise the votes may be made on innacurate assumptions.



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                    Totally agree, and in fact I've been searching for over a couple hours now looking for where to submit just as you did, based off the Radeon site list.  If you find out let me know.  I would like to have INSTANT REPLAY FEATURE allow a higher performance lower overhead option utilizing RADEON RAMDISK!  This way if you are DVRing a 50Mbps HEVC stream you don't interrupt those I/O's with the constant recording, albeit tiny recording for the Replay buffer, have that go to RAM instead (of course if the user has enough to spare) via RAMDISK, allowing minimal impact to the core recording in case of IO hits to the destination device and reducing overhead and latency in the Replay process.


                    Also with multiple displays, I agree, I have 3 connected and sometimes 4 as I do some complicated streaming sometimes that requires me to have many dashboards and configuration items open and visible as well as sources etc.  so sometimes I need to Alt-Tab, so far I have been lucky no stopped recordings or anything, but I'll keep an eye out. Here are some of my thoughts.



                    1.  I think there should be a "Capture Manager" settings UI within the ALT-Z overlay menu that allows you to select what you are hooking into such as:

                    Active window ONLY

                    Specific Window ONLY (By Title or Process Class or by Executable Name)

                    Active Full Screen App

                    Active Full Screen Game

                    Full Resolution/Screen Webcam Only (For Vlogs etc.)

                    Display #  or Name/Model



                    2. Other Options:

                    Audio Options:  Active or Focused application output only, Total System Mix (All active sources and system sounds etc.)

                    Input Audio Volume Controls

                    Noise Gate For Mic/Commas Input Source (To allow hands free mic recording to only activate when speaking etc.)

                    Noise Suppression

                    "Capture Mouse Cursor":  YES/NO

                    "View overlay items locally or on output only?" "Select which to show and where: " then you get a list of objects like Camera, Picture, Etc. with their Coordinates and a checkbox for Local/Preview & Output/Stream  Currently I have a feeling to save on overhead and avoid duplicate scenes of capture, there is no separator for preview and output streams, we essentially are watching the output overlay over current input programming, or with relive running the display may be showing the fully assembled preview which = the output.  Not sure, I haven't run into the tech docs or block diagrams on Relive and it's mechanisms yet so can't say.

                    "Relive Replay Buffer To RADEON RAMDISK?"  as I described above in the first paragraph.

                    Individual Save Locations For Each Type Of Capture (Screen Cap, DVR, Instant Replay)




                    Patrick AkA Spikeypup

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                        Interesting idea about using Radeon Ramdisk. I have tried out Radeon RamDisk (Free Version).

                        Maybe your idea is similar to my use of Ramdisk.
                        I bought Primo Ramdisk. to use 10GB of 16GB available on my laptop as a high speed store with an Avermendia LGX Capture Card + OBS Capture Software. 

                        Using a Ramdisk in this case really improves the quality of the video I am able to capture versus saving the video to the C: Drive on the Laptop (a samsung EVO 1TB msata SSD). 

                        I found capturing the video on to the C: (SSD) drive that I am running OBS (and the Windows 7 OS) on gave much poorer recording results versus saving the video directly to the RamDisk.

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                            Agreed completely and imagine my scenario, although I have a 1TB EVO SSD as well, I don't record to that, I record to a Seagate HDD that is operating on Sata2 not 3, because I have X58, although I'm considering adding a PciE 4x SATA3 controller card, but really I'm going to do a new Ryzen build and say hello to heaven.  lol.


                            I'm glad to hear your feedback on the RAMDISK idea, I really think it would be a very crucial feature especially for instant reply, all those continuous writes to the SSD, not a good scenario in the long-term, especially when you are going 30Mbps+ Encode rate.  a 1GB or even a 512MB RAMDISK for the Replay Buffer would be great, depends on your quality and bitrate of course, and length of buffer, most can probably get away with 300MB or so for a good 45-120 seconds of buffer, again depending on quality settings.  This would enable a lower impact on resources I think, versus the continual writing to storage, which could really impact someone with an HDD instead of SSD, when the game is trying to locate and load textures etc.


                            For the standard DVR recording it would be great to use RAMDISK as an overall buffer to ensure steady fullness and clean and quick writes to the storage regardless of type, HDD or SDD.


                            Now all that being said, I don't know if the impact to more I/O to memory will be significant or not and cause more problems than it would solve, I could probably test it with the free Radeon RAMDISK (which honestly if they integrated the free version as the buffer, they could upsell the larger versions easily though the interface, and owners of Radeon RAM could have an easy way to access the software as well to get their enhanced version.  I'll try to test soon, been very busy and lots of personal IRL stuff right now, so don't hold breath too long, but I definitely will try it... and then do some real world testing and some I/O checks. 


                            Good stuff from AMD already though and I'm totally appreciative, but it's always nice to have More!

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                      I just saw this announced a few days ago and I thought anyone interested in testing new features and Drivers with AMD might be interested to apply to work with AMD on it:


                      Radeon™ Software Vanguard Beta Testers


                      The Website with details is here:


                      Maybe some experienced users on the forum with some time to spare could apply to be part of the program and work to help improving existing/new features?


                      I think the program is a great idea and could maybe somehow help to improve areas like Crossfire Drivers Performance Support / lack of Windows 8.1 Drivers/ Power reduction and performance Improvement using Chill / Getting a version of Crimson running on some version of Linux ...