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well my issue with 16.12.1is temps  31c to now 47c is nuts

Question asked by m1a2tanky68 on Dec 9, 2016

Well Browsing and Fps issues now temps is higher then normal my card is R9 390 8gb core clock is 1000mhz  mem clock is 1500mhz  before this update my card was running just browsing the net  at 31c to 36c now its hot it runs at 46c to 55c browsing playing games cause it to crash with black screen pc restarts  FPS is Stupid slow this is due to Memory clock in OC part of watt man Cause it to Change from 1500mhz to 150mhz  or even 0mhz  here video I post of it on facebook  <Facebook >  watch it even the sound is slow