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Request : Chill Idle Frame

Question asked by kollhong on Dec 10, 2016

Thank you! chill is really really awesome.


Radeon now have Min Chill and Max Chill.

Radeon automatically decrease fps to Min Chill frame when there is no mouse or keyboard input for lower power consumption and lower temperature.

Saying the Min Chill, This option is the lowest FPS that would not "interfere" the game.

I setting is Min:130 and Max:144 because 120fps is little bit strange for me to play game.


I request one more thing.

Most of games support Multi-Player and Multi-Player have to wait for other users.

Overwatch, in particular, finds other users on the main screen(or lobby), which has a significant load on the main screen.

Main screen has more load than "in game" load.

But in fact, I would satisfied with 40fps in the main screen


So I request "Chill IDLE" function.