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Please give me back control of my GDDR

Question asked by squall-loire on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by milian

I play around with my clocks a fair bit, and had found that through Afterburner I was able to run at 50% clockspeed for both GPU and GDDR at night (when I'm only watching things in VLC), allowing for lower temperatures and therefore lower fan speeds and less noise. Since ReLive, however, this is no longer possible. I can still change the GPU clockspeed, but any attempt to alter the memory speed results in either no change, or it being locked at a useless 150Mhz until rebooted.


Can we please have control over memory clock speeds back? Why was it taken away in the first place? Even WattMan (which only appears as of this driver for my R9 290) won't let me alter it at all.