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R9 270X with Windows 10 and 16.12 drivers

Question asked by isher on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by isher

Originally, this computer started out as having Windows 7, with R9 270X's Crossfire.


Drivers were no issue upgrading to 10, and worked fine, even as I updated.  I have had to completely reinstall 10 recently, and I cannot get the driver to install whatsoever.  Everything else--AMD Crimson, HDMI Audio Driver, Application Profiles--all install just fine.


However, when it comes time to install the driver, it hangs and then will bluescreen with a SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION error involving the driver and reboot.  Then it just constantly bluescreens again, and again, and again until it finally goes into repair mode.  A clean install solves nothing.


What I have tried:


- System Restores and reinstall
- Running DDU in Safe Mode and re-trying

- Disabling the second card

- Using Device Manager

- Disabling automatic driver updates through Windows

- Manually installing drivers with Device Manager

- Using AMD's Autodetect


Every.  Single.  Time.  Same exact thing.  I have read countless places, and the only thing I have not done is sfc in command prompt.  This was not an issue until I had to clean install Windows 10.  I've even tried using an older driver, and it behaves in the same fashion.  I should also add, it will say "AMD R9 200 Series" under display adapter, with an error code 43, no matter what I attempt to do.


This was not an issue until fresh install of Windows 10 was done.  Do I just need to move on to another, newer card?  I am at my wit's end as to what to do.  If it is not actually supported, AMD should really consider re-evaluate listing it as supported hardware with Windows 10 drivers...