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GPU Fans rarely spin and not reacting to manual changes.

Question asked by chris856734 on Dec 9, 2016

A few weeks ago i noticed that my GPU suddenly speeds up with what is sounds like the speed of a 747 jet turbine. I started monitoring and found that 1 of the 2 fans of my GPU is not working at all. Except on startup, where both fan run for a few sec and stop. While the second working fan rotates at 100-150 RPM until my the GPU reaches 65-70°C and turns with good ~2200RPM and soon dies down again. Now WHILE this "phase" when it is already running, i can use third party programs to change the Fan speed but within a minute and at lower temperatures, it again falls down to 100RPM and is completely unresponsive. I just now tried to play a game and it reached 80°C without the Fan starting up and i Quit.


Here are some Screenshots of Speedfan, MSI Afterburner (Not used to overclock) and a Log from GPU-Z

Speedfan (while it is in this "phase" i can adjust the GPU fan speed)(It displays a second wrong GPU temp?)

MSI-Afterburner Temp


Set Fan curve i tried to change.

GPU-Z log in Google Drive (DL and open in Notepad when its bad to look at)

At about "20:09:15" i run a game and it heated up to 81°C without the RPM changing. "20:18:38" suddenly decided to start the fan, until it goes down to 182RPM under a minute later.



I am not even sure if it is the Fan that is broken, it is running sometimes? Even the Second fan runs for a second on startup. I would be fine if the fan ran constantly at high speed but i have not found a way to change the Fan with a AMD program and other dont really work. Is it maybe the PSU that is dying and cant run the Fan or the Mainboard? Is there anything that i could do to further test? What exactly are "safe" temperatures and i dont have to stress about? Could i just buy a Cheap Fan and place it under the GPU x) ?

Sorry when i ask many questions but this really stresses me out and other forum could not help me yet.


550 Watt PSU

2GB Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Dual-X Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16

Win 10 64bit