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After setting xbox game dvr off if i play csgo and alt+tab the game my screen gets black

Question asked by markish on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by silkt

Hello, here is some infos on my desktop

-r9 390 (8 GB)

-i5 6600k

-asrock z170 pro4

-case= thermaltake commander snow edition

-ram= 16 gb (2x8) hyperx ddr4

-psu= thermaltake berlin (630w) (i changed it i dont remember the name of the new one)


On CS:GO community people said that xbobx game dvr was causing fps drops and game slow down so i decided to turn it of and i actually got improvement on the game of about 20 fps, running it on 300 fps averege. so far so good. but if i alt+tab the game my screen gets black and if i go back on the game i can keep playing, even tho with black screen if i put it back on desktop. if i unplug the hdmi from gpu or monitor and plug it in again

my screen gets to work again but if i go back on the game and i can see perfectly if i alt+tab again the screen goes black.

i even have another problem with

the msi gaming app that i dont know

if its related in case it could be a driver problem. it shows that my gpu is running at 300mhz when it should run at 1400 am i right?

i did not notice the last problem since the relive driver update but i dont know if it occurred before.

should i try to downgrade the drivers> uninstall the game or what? i dont have this problems with other games just cs go.

if i keep the xbox game dvr on my pc works fine but when i ope cs go it gets alt tabbed automatically and iget 30 fps, when i get in the game again the fps are fine i noticed also that if something occurs on my screen like a notification or something else and the game gets alt tabbed either when the dvr is on or off my pc works fine again but if i have the dvr on and go back on the game i keep having the same problem