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    issues revive driver


      the new driver screwed up completely my PC


      heres the details :

      motherboard with amd chipset its a  gigabyte ma770t ud3

      radeon sapphire r9 290

      win 10

      16gig of ram

      phenom 2 960t unlocked with 6 cores

      all working flawlessly for years

      before the driver update


      my computer was on a beta driver 16.40

      it didnt want to go to revive because it was saying that my version is newer or something like that

      i decided making a clean reinstall, then i made it, my screens were blinking, then computer was like it was stuck, but on my main screen i was seeing my Facebook timeline continuing to move means the comp wasn’t frozen

      but my razr mouse the led underneath was off and my keyboard lights were off, means that the usb not working anymore.


      i’m pretty confident that the clean uninstall deleted my amd chipset driver for usb.


      i rebooted the computer with the button reset, working again, i installed the driver downloading it completely from the website

      installed it, and installed revive then rebooted.

      now my computer boot i can see on my windows 10 the minutes moving but no led on the mouse neither on the keyboard, smells like not usb anymore, i’m sure the computer isn’t frozen but lack usb, unlucky i am, i got ps2 port but not the adapter for the mouse and the keyboard


      so basically my computer now is stuck on the login screen, and im sure its USB related