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R9 380 Randomly crashing with 16.12.1.

Question asked by mimz on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by ikrananka

Hi all,


Win 10 pro 64 bits, r9 380 16go ram and i5 3570k.


Usually, I uninstall manually drivers. Going on programms, right click on amd install manager, and I have the choice to delete everything. (vulkan, video driver, audio driver...)


Now with 16.12.1, I can't uninstall the video driver. Why ? Even if I chose it and make a "clean uninstall", when I'm re launching the computer in order to install drivers properly, it says that I'm already on 16.50.2001. Why ?


It's crashing randomly on games, can't explain why. Didn't happen since a loooong time.


Thanks for any help.