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    BUG: ReLive with youtube and R9 270X




      So the ReLive update rolled out and I decided to give it a go.

      The display driver itself is ok, but ReLive has a major bug with in-browser videos(youtube as an example).

      basically: when ReLive is enabled it will work just fine in-game, but when exiting a fullscreen youtube video, the image will freeze. This sometimes also happens when you switch back to a youtube tab from another website.

      after about 10 seconds, windows will reset the driver.

      this causes an appcrash to the ReLive executable, after ~5 seconds the system ends up with a bluescreen.

      error: atikmpag.sys


      when you disable ReLive, exiting from fullscreen works just fine.


      the system:

      Win7 Ultimate 64bit


      R9 270X (XFX DD edition)

      8GB DDR3

      ASRock 980DE3 US3.

      I might as well note down that I am using a 1280x1024 monitor, I've had some issues with this ancient resolution before

      all hardware is running at stock speeds.


      I also reported it to AMD but I'll post it here too in case someone finds a fix.