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Radeon chill not Recognize games

Question asked by kollhong on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by amdmatt

1. Bug Report

Q: On the other review, there is 'per app' chill setting including "Chill Min" and "Chill Max" but on my PC, Radeon Settings does not recognize games.

as I am using 144Hz monitor, It is very important function.


Here is Images for more explanation.


Toms Hardware Review

there is option to set Chill MIN and Chill Max


source :,4846.html


On Me

On Global settings, I switched on Chill.




Radeon automatically Recongnize CoD:IW (It is in the supported list of Chill)

I manually added Overwatch. (It is also in the supported list of Chill)


Cod:IW has No Chill option.


Overwatch has No Chill option.




I "think" this happens because I installed games on D: drive. as I am using 128GB ssd, I can't install games on C:

I want Radeon to recognize games on other drives. It is hard to scan all the HDD or SSD. But scanning Other Drives with the Same Directory is relatively easy

Example  : scan C:\Program Files(x86)\OverWatchh

and also D:\Program Files(x86)\OverWatch, E:\Program Files(x86)\OverWatch F:\Program Files(x86)\OverWatch... like this.

Or I want to select the Application Profile like Crossfire Profile.


When I launch these games, Radeon Chill works


2. Global Chill "Min" and "Max"

I think it does not need explanation.

I am wondering why Chill Min and Chill Max option is only in Per-App setting.




Thank you for reading such a poor English