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new 16.12.1 drivers + Netflix app for Windows 10 = stutter in fullscreen

Question asked by xyrix on Dec 9, 2016

I think the topic says it all


It seems that newly released AMD graphics card drivers (version 16.12.1 and I have a Fury Nano card) and netflix app for windows 10 are not compatible in some cases. Video starts to stutter in full screen but it works fine in window mode and in web browsers. This happened immediately after I installed the new 16.12.1 drivers. I tried to play with some settings and doing all the usual stuff like re-installing everything and so on but nothing seems to make sense. I read that there were some older cases when high refresh rate caused problems but I have just 60Hz monitor. I have freesync monitor but disabling this feature doesn't help.


I can always use older drivers and everything works fine. It is just too bad because I really liked the new features. I reported to netflix about this also. I doubt there are any quick fixes for this...?