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battlefield 1 directx error "getdeviceremovedreason

Question asked by deekaa on Dec 9, 2016
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I bought BF1, but i can't run it.

Every time i'm in a game i get this error: 

(Directx function "getdeviceremovedreason" faild with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET ("the device failed due to a badly performed command. This is a run-time issue; The application should destroy and recreate the device.")


The error seems to occur randomly, and AMD Radeon settings crashes to.

I can play the domination and TDM gamemodes in BF1 witout problems.


I reinstalled the drivers, even a clean windows install didn't help. I tried everything that might help but i still get the error.

It happens in both DX11 and DX12. i tried to change every setting, but nothing helped.



CPU: Intel E3-1231V3

16GB ram

Windows 10 (student version)


Does someone have a clue what i can do? is there a fix comming?