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Compatibility driver R5 M230 windows 10 +  laptop shuts down instantly

Question asked by catalin.putoi on Dec 9, 2016



I have a lenovo g50-70, with CPU: I5 4200U @1.6 Ghz, RAM: 12GB, GPU: AMD Radeon R5 M230 2 GB, SSD: 240 GB and I use Windows 10 PRO. When I install the driver for my GPU I noticed that it is not 100% compatible with my laptop, because, as you can see in the pictures, it is not observed any activity frequency processor and memory, temperature and your recognize video card as "AMD radeon hd 8500M" and not "AMD M230 R5 Radeon". Issue that bothers me is that in some moments when intense urge the GPU, the laptop shuts down instantly, without error !!!.It may be compatibility problems?????? Now I have the latest driver version (16.12.1) but this happened to me and with older versions of drivers or OS! I used all the tutorials on google and we have not solved anything!! Can anything be done ??????


Thank you and sorry for my English!!