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Radeon RX fan working only with high temperatures and ignores driver settings

Question asked by nsp on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2016 by nsp

Graphic card: HIS Radeon RX 460

Driver version: AMD 16.12.1 (Last, also tested on 16.10)


I have a difficulty with graphic card's settings. I want to make fan working all the time at ~2800 RPM. In Global WattMan I have changed Min and Target fan speed to 2800, Target temperature to 40 (minimum in WattMan). Acoustic limit set to minimum, power limit to maximum. But there is two problems:


1. As configured, it should work only if temperature > 40, but I want make this value smaller. I tried to find this value in the Registry, but seems that configuration stored elsewhere. Please, may be someone know where I can override this setting? (I ever tried to change this value in Cheat Engine before saving)


2. All of the above not work correctly. Current temperature is 44 and fan not spinning. Moreover, if I launch some game I can see this values in WattMan monitor: 41t 0rpm /// 57t 0rpm /// 58t 2800+rpm. When I close the game, fan continue spinning on 2800+rpm to the moment, when temperature reach ~48 degrees and then stops. This is already bad, but there is something else. If I select 3200 (maximum) as a Target RPM and test this again, the fan will continue to spin when temperature reach 40, then 37, then 36 for ~5 minutes and then stops. What is this?


By the way, if someone have Radeon RX series, please, can you confirm this behavior? As for my previous card, HD 7870, there is only % of fan spinning, and it works as expected.