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ReLive Audio out of sync. Even when audio speed is OK it is 3 seconds out of sync.

Question asked by jamesxx on Dec 9, 2016

At first I had no audio stream at all. Then I had it slower than should be.

After I set 44kHz instead of 48kHz it seems to have normal speed but still out of sync 3 seconds sooner or later.


Describe your system:

  • AMD Graphics Card
    • GCN 1.0, mobile 7870M, analog of HD 7770
  • Desktop or Laptop System: MSI laptop GX780/GT780 Intel Sandy Bridge, Realtek ALC892 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0892&SUBSYS_146210A0
  • Software: Windows 7 64bit, Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.1
  • Display Devices
    • LVDS internal display