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    "Relive" not working on games


      cant get it to work on "Steep" or "The Crew" ive tried every possible settings none which work i turned off ingame overlay for everything and still isnt being registered by the driver software. Also cant seem to change the damn keybinds on "Relive" even tho it says i can


      my card is the sapphire nitro r7 370 (4gb)

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          Just wanted to say that it is not working for me either, shortcuts don't seem to do anything, nothing is showing up in games, tested three now. Going to continue testing to see if it is related to Fullscreen/Windowed, DirectX version of games, etc.



          I got it working here by doing a Full Uninstall of all AMD Drivers (Control Panel) and then Re-Installing them from the Downloaded Driver file from the main AMD Website (US/CA: Download Drivers ).

          Although the "System Info" doesn't show anything for me personally, hopefully this will help get it working for others, too. Good luck with it!

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            I tried it on "The Crew", the overlay was flickering but it recorded fine. I used it on a Gigabyte RX 460 2Gb.

            Also for me, reassigning hotkeys works. But when SHIFT is included, only works with SHIFT+letters.

            Example, SHIFT + 0 will not change the bind, SHIFT + \ will not change the bind, CTRL + SHIFT + 6 will also not work.  Anytime SHIFT is included, it will only accept letters.


            I change all the binds to CTRL + ALT + etc.. and it works okay.


            My problem now is the audio is muffled.

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              Anyone read release notes,(where to report problems) ?

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                I just tried Game recording on "The Division" Benchmark on Ultra.

                Recording settings were set to 1080p and 60FPS.

                So the recording quality is excellent as far as I can see.

                Looks better quality than prior Plays.TV video recordings at first sight.

                Not sure why all the Focus to add this into Radeon Settings instead of sticking with Plays.TV/ External Capture Card though.


                Down side is It seems to incur approx 10FPS hit on the benchmark though, so I still need an external Capture Card to record my Game Benchmarking.

                Also no built in FPS/GPU/CPU Overlay available within Radeon Settings so still have to use MSI Afterburner / RadeonPro to do benchmarked recordings.

                Would have preferred to have that built in to Radeon Settings and stick to an external Capture cards to be honest.


                Having said all of that, Just a 10FPS hit to record 1080p/60FPS is pretty good really versus the massive effort it is at present.


                Usual way I record this is with an Avermendia Live Gamer Extreme Capture Card running off a Gen 1 HP Envy 15 with an i720QM CPU.

                With that setup I can record the true Benchmark results (In my Case I hit 69FPS with a pair of R9 Nanos in Crossfire).

                However the Avermedia Capture card and Sofware simply cannot cope with 1080p/60FPs recording on that Laptop.

                I have a cheap CPU Upgrade to do (I7-920XM) Maybe that will help. Otherwise it is new laptop time.

                I have to split recording in two using OBS for capture and then Post Recording Compression to generate MP4 file afterwards.

                Then I have a Handbrake conversion so I can upload to Youtube.

                I am still working to improve that flow.


                So all of the above is just to say 1080p/60FPS recording is difficult, and ReLive can do it with around a 10FPS on a very difficult benchmark.

                The fact that it records a Crossfire'd game so well is also good news. FramePacinf and Frame Rate Target Control were off. So the Crossfirerd R9 Nanos

                be pushing out a very variable frame rate to the recorder. The recording looks smooth.


                Anyone know how we are supposed to get these recordings uploaded to Plays.TV/Youtube from within Radeon Settings?


                I will take a look at the "The Crew". I think I can have it for testing.

                I did Beta Test "Steep" but I have not got the full version of it in my Game Testing Library so someone else will have to help you out there.



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                  I just turned off ReLive to go back and compare to Plays.TV.

                  Just Tried to run Plays.TV Recording on "The Division: at 1080p/60 FPS.

                  I launch "The Division".


                  One of two things happens.

                  1. Plays TV comes back with Error 2220 Please Contact Customer Support.

                  2. The Division Crashes.


                  So in thios case at least. ReLive is better. It works and Plays.TV does not

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                    I am also having trouble getting this to work in game. Not sure how it detects a game is running or creates and overlay. Guess this is just part of being new software? The game I am having trouble with is Star Citizen

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                      It seems razor cortex does not work well with relive. if you have any sort of software like it that may be a problem to look into.