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Global Wattman is not showing more fan settings

Question asked by keiser on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by owen41560

I just recently downloaded the latest Drivers as well as the Radeon ReLive. I noticed that when I opened up MSI afterburner, the overclocks had been reset so I opened up the Global wattman settings  to raise them back to what they were before. My fans were getting very loud when trying to play games so I looked into the wattman settings to change the  fan speed, then I noticed that the only fan setting I could change was the minimum, bellow is a screenshot to show what I am talking about. As you can see the only setting that I can move is the minimum. My graphics card is an AMD R9 380X strix. I even completely uninstalled all drivers and AMD software and re-installed it with this exact same problem.