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r9 295x2 crossfire option gone from crimson

Question asked by nexures on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by nexures

Hello there. I've seen loads and loads of people having issues with that on different online forums. The problem is, that the crossfire option to either choose a profile or enable or disable crossfire is gone altogether from crimson software. It's been gone since... well, the last working driver i recall being 16.1.1. i cant remember if 16.1.2 worked as well or if 16.2 is when it stopped working.


Just like other forums, I have already checked global settings, each profile for every single of my games, radeon additional settings (which doesnt have anything aside from monitor and audio) and its not there ! I paid a good bit of money on that card, and I am now unable to choose a specific profile for x game which leads to a lot of performance loss/stutter/obnoxious flickering nor am I able to disable cf for half arsed games with no crossfire altogether.


I also tried disabling ULPS and no luck.


Please help me. Does anyone know any fix for it at all?


It's been god knows how many updates since 16.1.1 and the issue still hasn't even been addressed