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    Crimson 16.12.1 Relive - Bugs


      Seeing that this is a whole new driver package, i decided to install it over my 16.9 installation using the upgrade option - surprise surprise, upon restart my system comes to a complete freeze, forcing me to boot into safe mode to perform a full driver uninstall and then rebooting back into normal desktop mode to re-install the driver. Seriously, this stupid install problem has been lingering for the past few driver releases from AMD. getting tired of it.


      Next, going into advance settings, i noticed that crossfire was disabled. At this time i had nothing else but spottify running. silly me thinking i could just enable crossfire with spottify running ... it crashed my pc again ... music still plays but my display is frozen. so i ended up rebooting again, thankfully crossfire remains enabled over the reboot.


      Now that everything looks ok i decided to see what new features were available ... the elusive Chill option remains hidden from me. after searching high and low, I came across another post by a user on this forum ... Chill wont show when crossfire is enabled ... WTF ? I'm really puzzled as to why these things aren't picked up during UAT???


      Can you guys please fix these issues?