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    Brave web browser not rendering on Linux with AMD hardware


      Hi folks,


      I am a developer working on a product called Brave, which is an open source web browser (disclaimer- I am an employee of Brave Software).

      Brave Software | Building a Better Web

      GitHub - brave/browser-laptop: Brave browser for Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows, OSX, and Linux


      We've gotten several complaints from users about our rendering code on Linux.  It seems whether people use the open source driver or the official driver, they experience an issue where the content is not rendering.  If the people remove the video card, it works great.  Here are a few of the relevant links:

      Consistent blank pages (possible driver issue) · Issue #4928 · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub

      Blank Page on Ubuntu · Issue #1471 · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub

      Blank page when 2 tabs or more · Issue #6022 · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub


      So far, we're received reports for these OSes (cards noted where info was available):

      • Fedora 25 64bit (Radeon HD 7550M/7570M/7650M)
      • Fedora 24 x86_64 (AMD R9 290)
      • Fedora 23 x86_64
      • Linux Mint 18
      • Ubuntu 16.04
      • OpenSuse Leap
      • Arch Linux


      One of our contributors has reported some steps to reproduce:

      When opening new tabs web pages are not shown. · Issue #3787 · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub


      Another one of our contributors found this:

      GPU Acceleration stopped working in Electron 1.2.x (Windows) · Issue #5998 · electron/electron · GitHub


      Our code is based on Electron (also used for Visual Studio Code, Atom, Slack, and others).  Electron uses the Chromium rendering engine.  Notice in the post above, it mentions that the video cards were excluded because of a command line blacklist option for Chromium (seems to possibly have bug work-arounds).  You can see this list by downloading and installing Chrome / Chromium and then navigating to chrome://gpu/


      I'd really just like to open a conversation with anyone that can help troubleshoot this.  I don't have a way personally to reproduce this, but I'm willing to bet this is either:

      • a bug with the driver
      • a bug was in the driver, but it was fixed (but is still in one of the blacklists)


      Any information is appreciated




        • Re: Brave web browser not rendering on Linux with AMD hardware

          I wanted to share the details for one user who is experiencing the issue:


          OS: Manjaro Linux (kernel 4.7.10) running Gnome 3.22

          Video card: AMD Athlon 5350 APU with Radeon R3 integrated graphics

          Relevant packages: xorg-server 1.18.4; xf86-video-ati 1:7.8.0


          This user is able to get our program working fine by enabling the Chromium flag:



          More information about this option can be seen in Google Chrome by going to chrome://gpu

          This particular GPU is blacklisted because for one reason or another, possibly because of bad driver support