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    Radeon Chill ?


      Where can i set it on and off?,ive got a single R9 290 GPU

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          In Global settings


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              Oh thanks!

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                Do we loose any performance in enabling chil?

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                    I don't know. Out of habit...I did not install it. I am not concerned about saving power and am leery of anything that is being automatically turned off/on/down/adjusted...example= core parking.

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                      I have two R9 Nanos installed at the moment. I tested to see what happens with Crossfire on and Crossfire off. There are no menu options at all for Chill with Crossfire enabled so I guess it does not support Crossfire. All test done with two GPU's in slots, but Crossfire Disabled in Global Settings.


                      I tried to test it on

                      Battlefield 1 (A new title, with hopefully working Crossfire in Crimson ReLive Win 64bit - Nope still won't enable) and

                      Crysis 1 (A pretty old but still CPU/GPU demanding title) yesterday.

                      I launch both games from the Profile Menu.

                      I have the following set.

                      FramePacing off.

                      FrameRate Target Control off.

                      Both FramePacing and FTRC are off because, even with my dual R9 Nanos upgrade, both the above options are still causing PC Freeze and driver crash after 5-10 minutes of game play with last driver. Not had time to report on it yet. Will retest with ReLive version.

                      All other options were default.

                      All Global Options matched to game profile options (Set Global first, go to Profile, reset profile, double checked anyhow).


                      I was trying to pick a quick range of old and new.

                      I am running Windows 8.1 64bit (Supports DX11 no support for DX12).

                      I was really interested in looking at HiAlgo Software, and now that it it in Radeon Settings, it was the first thing I started to look at yesterday after installation of the latest

                      Crimson ReLive.


                      My results are not conclusive yet, I need to look at it again. So maybe I have missed something.

                      I also need to go back and look at the Release Notes again to see if there is any information on which games are or are not supported.

                      Perhaps having two GPUs installed, even with Crossfire off is causing some problem. I will try clean install and Reinstallation of the Driver after this.


                      Here is what I found so far:


                      (1). For Crysis 1.



                      I used Crysis 1 console command rDisplayInfo 1 to measure in game FPS.

                      I started a Multiplayer game, with me as the only player,  walked over to an area on the map.

                      Looked straight up in the sky (to pray that Chill would work?).

                      FPS in the 100's. Did not touch the mouse or keyboard. No other action at all (I was the only player in the map).

                      I would have expected the FPS to drop down top maybe 30 or 60 FPS since nothing happening at all if Chill was working.

                      No nothing happened at all.

                      There is an F11 "Global Hotkey"  option mentioned on the Chill Global Menu.

                      I pressed F11 multiple times.

                      No, no difference seen unfortunately.


                      Some feedback on F11 Key option for Chill and in game Monitoring.
                      If AMD are going to introduce a global hotkey like this it would be so good to introduce "MSI Afterburner/Rivatuner Style" monitoring overlay

                      with a "Chill = on/Chill = off" option message on screen. I could easily tell what was or was not supposed to be happening that way.

                      It is easy to question just how many times you have hit F11 during a test.


                      One feature I think is desperately needed for Crimson Relive is in game performance monitoring overlays that can be recorded.

                      Yes this can be done using MSI Afterburner or to a less satisfactory extent, RadeonPro.

                      But guess what I get told when I report an issue?

                      "RadeonPro / MSI Afterburner might be interfering with your drivers, please uninstall"

                      I can see that it could be enough to make someone less calm, blow a fuse.


                      (2). For Battefield 1.


                      I used the in game console and the PerfOverlay.DrawFPS 1 command in the game to monitor FPS.

                      Crossfire disabled in Global Menu (I cant get Crossfire to Enable in BF1 on Win 8.1 64bit anyhow) , tested on the very first start scene.

                      So I tried numerous launches of Battlefield 1 from Game Profile with Chill enabled in Global Settings for both R9 Nanos.

                      The first two launches I saw no difference in the results. FPS on a single Nano ranged between 47 - 70 FPS during gameplay.

                      On the third launch of BF1 did seem to see something happening after I decided to see if F11 did anything at all.

                      In this case, after a number of F11's the frame rate indicator did indeed go red and sit at 30FPS when I was stationary.

                      The game experience seemed o.k.

                      It did seem to increase when I moved around back up to more normal levels.

                      Hitting F11 a number of times again the Frame rate would not go back to normal behaviour though.

                      I need to double check the keybindings in BF1, perhaps F11 takes screenshots and that was what was happening. Maybe I was duped ...

                      I exited BF1 and I tried another restart from profile but I could not repeat the behaviour.


                      Sorry to report the above but that's what I saw so far.  Don't get me wrong, It is great to see AMD introduce new tech like Chill into new Driver.
                      I am testing this because I am interested. Maybe there is something wrong with my GPU driver installation or perhaps I picked the wrong games to test.

                      I can see however that this will be one hell of an hard feature to test and report on.


                      Again there is no "Chill on / Chill off" indicator (Which after this testing should perhaps be called "Chill out" ;-), or other overlay built into AMD Crimson Relive Edition yet.

                      So giving accurate feedback "Did I really press F11 once or twice or hit it 15 or 16 times in succession with frustration?" for example.


                      I should have tried to record what was going on using ReLive (Which might make my Avermedia Capture Card running into a separate Laptop a "mistake" purchase).

                      But I have been doing lots of Driver testing recently, I have other things to do, and I needed to stop there.


                      Chill Menus.



                      (1). The ChilI menu options  appear only in Global Wattman for both cards for me. It does not appear in Profile Wattman. This is bad news , because it would be good to check if Chill is on or off from the profile screen before game launch.

                      (2). It is disabled if I turn Crossfire on and does not appear in Any Menu for me when  Crossfire is enabled.

                      (3). I need to check out the relationship between Frame Pacing. Frame Rate Target Control and Chill is there one?

                      (4). Global Hotkey. Not certain if it works. Pressing the "F11 Hotkey Button" makes the button go grey, but no need to hit apply. I think it may be a GUI error.


                      Crossfire Disabled.



                      That's it from me for now.

                      I am going to go back. Uninstall and reinstall AMD Relive drivers. Read the release notes about Chill, Chill out for a while, and try again.


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                          Here is what you see with Crossfire Turned on in Global Settings FYI.

                          No Chill:

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                            Currently, Radeon Chill ONLY works on a whitelist of 18 games that support chill: http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/software-technologies/radeon-software/gaming/radeon-chill 


                            BF1 and Crysis 1 is not on that list

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                                  Fair enough.

                                  It looks like the Chill Option turns up in the Profile Menu provided the game is on the "WhiteList" .



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                                      Also, you'll hear a quick chime sound when launching a compatible game.

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                                          You just beat me to it.

                                          Now I know what I am looking to test.

                                          Here is my Quick Test result on The Witcher 3.

                                          Chill certainly saves me some serious power and no bad impact on game play I can see.

                                          Seems responsive enough.


                                          Quick Test of Chill.


                                          The Witcher 3. I set my Graphics from Ultra to Low because Crossfire is not supported and I wanted to look at least at 60FPS in normal operation.

                                          Two R9 Nano's. CPU = I74770k.  Crossfire off.


                                          Press F11 Three ascending audio beeps to tell me it is on.  (The Wicher Guy also draws his sword for some reason… ).

                                          Press F11 Again and hear two flat beeps to turn it off.


                                          Standing Still FPS = 62. Power Draw reported from Wattmeter on Power Supply (Yes I have one) = 380 Watts.

                                          Turning Chill on. FPS drops to 40FPS.   Wattmeter on Power Supply = 330 Watts.

                                          I don't know what Chill is doing , but reducing my Power Consumption by 50W will certainly help keep the room colder when gaming!


                                          When I move the Witcher guy around in the game with Chill on, it works fine.

                                          In fact it feels pretty responsive.


                                          So in short.


                                          1. Maybe add something in Radeon Settings to explain Chill is only supported on a small list of games.

                                          2. Audio indictor of Chill on versus off works o.k.

                                          Visual overlay would have been good. Please add FPS and GPU/CPU monitor overlay in future Radeon Settings so I can stop using MSI Afterburner and RadeonPro.

                                          3. Great Job! 50W power difference when standing still is a big deal to me.

                                          4. Please add support for Crossfire so I can run the "The Witcher 3" on Ultra and use Chill to save me some power.


                                          Thats it.

                                          I get how to use it now.


                                          Thanks again.

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                                              I am responding to someone who just liked this post (electricessence   thanks).


                                              I have been testing Hialgo Switch, Boost, and Chill on Skyrim with i7-4770K and Dual R9 Nano's in Crossfire.
                                              It all works great for me in Crossfire.


                                              I have the videos and power data recorded but I will be posting it elsewhere so you can all be relieved to hear that I guess.


                                              - Switch is pretty interesting - it drops the video resolution if you cannot maintain the Target FPS you set. It also allows you to drop the resolution by 50% at one click of a button.


                                              - Boost is also very interesting to me It has the main function to dynamically drop the Resolution by a range of 90-50% (set by the user)  in an attempt to keep the FPS high.
                                              It also includes Switch Functionality.


                                              - Chill is very definitely working in Crossfire Mode for me. It saves me quite a large amount of Watts in Crossfire when my character is standing still.in Skyrim.
                                              - I am sure there may be reasons why it is not Implemented in Crossfire in AMD Crimson ReLive yet ... but like I say it is working for me as a standalone product.
                                              I tested it all running in AMD Crimson ReLive WHQL version 17.4.3.


                                              All Three Hialgo Apps only support up to DX9.


                                              They can all still be downloaded from here: HiAlgo Home