Radeon Chill benchmark (TomsHardware)

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What do you do as a manufacturer when you are constantly being criticized for higher power consumption and lower efficiency than the competition? That's right, you come up with ways to reduce unnecessary work, and when your hardware has the chance to idle (even on a millisecond basis), you seize the opportunity to save some power.


Radeon Chill is not a silver bullet, and it cannot make up for AMD's architectural disadvantages. However, if a game is well-suited to the feature's strengths, then there are clear savings to be had by enabling Chill. This feature does help supported cards run cooler, and thus quieter. There's not much more we could ask for except a longer whitelist or, better still, an option to enable Chill at our own risk for every game, even the ones not yet officially supported. For the time being, AMD's software team is to be commended for the innovation it continues piling onto the hardware.