Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.1 Launch

Discussion created by theriaya on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by zerofightersrb

So ReLive is now live. How have your experiences been so far?

On my PowerColor R9 390 I have had a couple crashes on the overclock preset I had on MSI Afterburner using WattMan, though I will state immediately I am loving their overclock utility simple usability. So for now I am running with no overclock to make sure it is not just a general issue I am having with the driver currently. I love the recording ability, but personally I would rather have a choice of a higher bitrate like in using OBS CQP settings. OBS will also have to come out with a new update to OBS due to the fact that the AMD framework is not working, but that is theirs to fix of course lol.


This really isn't a question lol. Just wondering what are peoples thoughts so far on it.